Photo by Dean Houghton

Thank you for your interest in my photography!

All of my images are:

- Not for sale
- Created for my own enjoyment
- Guaranteed Authentic
- Time and Date Stamped for Verification
- Optimized to be viewed on the Internet. Each one has a high resolution counterpart archived at my home.
- Limited in the amount of Digital Manipulation (Changes are made only in Brightness, Sharpness, Color Correction, Cropping, Straightening, Dust/Artifact Removal, etc.) I have, however, started a new folder where I am experimenting with some artistic conversions of some of my photos. I enjoy doing this.
- Taken with a Nikon Camera. No particular reason. I just like Nikon equipment. They haven't failed me yet.
- Taken by myself (Dan Bush)
- Copyrighted
- Taken in Missouri
- Best viewed in highest screen resolutions and color settings
- Not an attempt to duplicate what is seen in nature but rather an attempt to show an equivalent of what I saw and felt at the time that I took the picture (in the spirit of Ansel Adams).